How to be Photogenic

The other day someone remarked that I was quite photogenic (after seeing one of my photos on Facebook). I thanked her and explained that, in fact, I am not photogenic. Decades passed before I managed to look decent in pictures. How did it finally happen? Because I found something I loved to do: writing.

Audrey Hepburn once said:

When I finally (after a loooooong, long time) published a novel, I was ecstatic. I was so very grateful. I’d found my happiness. I couldn’t look unhappy if I tried. Before that, I always avoided being photographed because my pictures turned out terrible. No matter how big or small I smiled, angled myself, did my makeup and hair, or wore snazzy clothes, I was highly unphotogenic. The few that turned out okay were because they were taken when I was in the midst of feeling happy: with my family, on trips…and that’s about it.

The camera was not my friend.

So am I now suddenly a photogenic person? No. What I am is a person who doesn’t care how she looks in front of the camera. Or whether the picture turns out okay. But I do care how I feel inside. And how I make those around me feel. I really enjoy creating a ripple effect that makes all I come in contact with feel good. If I’m enjoying what I’m doing when the photo is shot, whether I’m at a bookstore, behind my desk writing, at a writer’s conference, in the library, making dinner, with my dogs…you get my drift…chances are that’s going to translate in numerous, positive ways. Including, maybe, in a photo. I’ve learned that no matter what I am doing, it’s of vital importance to find a way to make myself feel happy and enthusiastic about it. Don’t we get a lot more accomplished when we’re feeling great?

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