Nancy Drew Lives On!

I had a fantastically fabulous time at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this past weekend! Truly, readers, writers, booksellers and book lovers in general are some of the very best kinds of people. Maybe it’s because reading and writing take us on so many different journeys that allow us to experience so much of life in a relatively short period of time and with great concentration. It teaches us to empathize and better understand the world and lives around us. As well as helping us to discover what we have in common with others.

I had the pleasure of meeting many readers, but one in particular, stood out: A young mystery reader who asked me about my books. I explained what they were about (“A newly minted lawyer lands a dream job and is promptly blackmailed into investigating a suspicious death just because she’s the daughter of a late great PI and everyone assumes she’s inherited his sleuthing genes, but has she?” Try saying that in one breath!). I asked this young reader if she was a fan of Nancy Drew mysteries. She was. But not of the modern versions. This smart reader told me with great delight that she enjoyed making fun of the modern Nancy Drew versions. I agree. There’s nothing quite like the original Nancy. If I was more observant, I would have noted that my new reader friend was wearing a Nancy Drew shirt, that displayed a a page right out of a Nancy Drew book. And she even carried a Nancy Drew wallet. I loved it!

This young person was just one of many lovely readers I had the pleasure to meet. But I have one regret. When this loyal Nancy Drew reader left, I wished I’d given her one of my books. If by some chance, she happens to read this post and would like one, I’d be happy to send it out. I really enjoyed our Nancy Drew talk! And was so happy to learn that there are young readers today who are getting to know and enjoy this timeless mystery series.

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