The Two-Minute Interview - Author Katie O'Sullivan

I’m very pleased to welcome author Katie O’Sullivan today to talk about her latest romance novel, CRAZY ABOUT YOU.

Who are you? Tell us about Katie O’Sullivan.

Katie: I live on Cape Cod with three teenagers, a husband, and large demanding dogs who weigh more than I do, but follow me around the house like small whiny children. Actually, my oldest is off at college and my middle child is in college-search mode right now. Part of me looks forward to the upcoming empty nest, and another part of me dreads it. So, typical mom stuff, plus I just started a new part-time job, easing my way back into the 9-5 work force in addition to writing, editing, and various volunteer positions.

Yikes! Three teens and big dogs make completing a book a bit of a challenge. Yet you managed to do so beautifully. What’s your book about?

Katie: The story centers on a driven scientist focused on saving the world, and an impetuous woman who’s trying to live life to the fullest without getting emotionally involved. Both of them need to learn to trust others, with their hearts and with their lives, in order to find their happily ever afters.

I’m a big fan of happily ever afters and big moments. When is the moment that matters most in your book?

Katie: Like the tag line on the front of the book says, “…it’s the dead body that changes everything.”

I love that! Where is the setting?

Katie: Provincetown, Massachusetts, which is at the outermost tip of Cape Cod.

How did you come to write this book?

Katie: Would you believe, an environmental article in Scientific American captured my attention and made me want to learn more about the climate scientists who study our oceans. From there my imagination took over wondering about their personal lives and loves, and how they balance their passion for the environment with family and friends.

It’s incredible where the germ of an idea can start. Which character is your favorite?

Katie: My favorite character in the story is Chase Anderson, the hero, because he undergoes the biggest transformations during the course of the story, starting off as totally work-focused and learning how to lighten up and let others into his life. But I also think I had the most fun writing Tony Lenzi’s character, which was the one that changed the most from first draft to the final book. He was totally one-dimensional without motivation in early drafts until he found his voice and “told me” what was really going on.

I really enjoy watching a character grow. Why would readers want to read your book?

Katie: Ooh, I’m kinda bad at self-promotion, but I also feel I’ve written a fun, fast-paced read where the characters are engaging and the story has enough little twists to keep you turning pages. Also, the environmental issues I’ve written about are all real and important, and I feel like having them sprinkled into a romance novel helps people learn about ideas like these in a non-threatening way. Climate change is scary, but it’s part of our current reality.

Thank you, Katie. It sounds like a fun, intelligent read! That’s the way I like my romance novels.

About Katie O’Sullivan:
Katie O’Sullivan lives with her family and big dogs on Cape Cod, drinking way too much coffee and inventing new excuses not to dust. Living next to the Atlantic influences everything she writes, including her YA series about the mermaids who live near her beach. A recovering English major, she earned her degree at Colgate University and now writes romance and adventure for young adults, and something steamier for the young at heart.

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Katie O'Sullivan

Thanks for hosting me today, Lida!

Mary Morgan

Great interview! I love when characters tell us what’s really going on in the story/scene. I remember when I wanted to write the oldest brother’s story first in my series. He came charging through with a sword and told me off with words I can’t print, lol! Then I saw him storm away. In that moment, the second oldest stepped through and said, “Ye will tell my story first.” They have led me all the way…

Wishing you all the best with your new release. Sounds great!

Katie O'Sullivan

Thanks, Mary!


The premise of this book – suspense, murder, romance and climate change – completely sold me. Thank you for blogging about this book.

barbara bettis

Oh, my, you’re busy, Katie. Teens and back at work? I wish you lots of rest and valued writing time. And–many happy sales with your book!

Katie O'Sullivan

Thanks, Barbara. Things get easier and harder now that the kids drive. The new job? Meh, I’ll figure out how to make it work, time wise. Still think my next deadline might slip a little, but looming deadlines are so motivating!

Sandra Dailey

I love it when a book has an important, underlying message. It’s great when we can expand our readers awareness as well as entertain them. I wish you great success, Katie.

Katie O'Sullivan

Thanks, Sandra. I work a lot of the ocean ecology into my YA, but this is the first time in an adult romance. The reviews have been good so far!

Jana Richards

You gotta love a girl who reads Scientific American! Nice interview ladies.

J.C. McKenzie

I loved this book! Great interview ladies :-)

raymona anderson

I love a book with a plot line that makes me think, as well as enjoy a bit of romance while remaining faithful to my husband of almost 63 years. Belive it! And I can still write romance pretty darned hot.

Hebby Roman

Katie, love the interview and especially liked the tagline. LOL Sounds like a really fun book, and such a neat way to get the idea! You’re getting back into the workforce, hope you’re still going to leave time to write!

Susabelle Kelmer

Oh, Katie, you’re going to like that empty nest when you finally get it! My oldest is 25 and been on his own since he was 19. My 22 year old daughter just moved out a few months ago, living with her boyfriend, they are getting married next year. I only have a 13 year old still at home. I look forward to my empty nest!