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Murder: Double or Nothing

Murder: Double or Nothing

Book 3: Southern California Mysteries

Corrie Locke, newbie lawyer and daughter of a late, great PI, is learning the ropes at the Hollywood movie studio where she works–and where things are never what they seem. Life imitates art when a fictional murder attempt turns real–right before her very eyes.

With more than a little help from friends and a crazy movie legend, Corrie trips down a trail littered with wisecracks, mysterious messages, and marginally legal maneuvers to track down the killer. Meanwhile, clues keep disappearing and Corrie makes an enemy whose deadly tactics keep escalating. Will her impromptu sleuthing skills be enough to catch the mysterious assailant before he takes her down?

“…quirky, edgy and funny.”

– Kerry Greenwood, Author of the Phryne Fisher Mystery Series

“A marvelous and mysterious trip through the craziness of Hollywood with a wide range of fascinating characters…a wonderful sleuthing adventure.”

– M. Glenda Rosen, Author of the Senior Sleuth Mysteries

“I highly recommend this cozy mystery to anyone who enjoys a feisty heroine with laugh out loud sidekicks.”

– Kings River Life magazine

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Murder Gone Missing

Murder Gone Missing

Book 2: Southern California Mysteries

A girl, a guy, and a missing body. What could go wrong?

Newly minted lawyer Corrie Locke has taken a vow of abstinence. From PI work, that is. Until her best friend Michael finds his bully of a boss stabbed in the back after confronting him earlier that day. Michael panics, accidentally tampering with the crime scene…which could lead the cops to Michael instead of the real culprit. He turns to Corrie to track down the killer. She doesn’t need much coaxing. Her late great PI dad taught her the ropes…and left her his cache of illegal weaponry.
They return to the scene of the crime, but the body’s gone missing. Racing against time, Corrie dredges a prestigious Los Angeles college in pursuit of clues. All she finds are false leads.  Armed with attitude and romantic feelings toward Michael, Corrie dives into a school of suspects to find the slippery fugitive. Will she clear Michael’s name before he’s arrested for murder? 

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“Lida Sideris knows how to get the reader’s attention, but the real skill is how she manages to hold that attention till the end. Murder Gone Missing: A Southern California Mystery is a work of pure entertainment. Brilliantly imagined and cunningly executed!”

5 stars – Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for  Readers’ Favorite

“What a delightful, witty, and funny mystery!”

Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews

“The exposition, action, and dialog are witty – I do so love authors who like to play with their words!”

Back Porchervations

“Speaking of the mystery, it’s well-written with twists and turns in every direction.”

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At nine-years-old, I turned into girl detective, after overdosing on Nancy Drew books. I cracked my first case – The Mystery of the Missing Pet Turtle – and continued case-cracking until my college days. Now I write my own soft-boiled mysteries starring Corrie Locke, a newly minted lawyer with thick, mostly manageable hair, a partially furnished beach pad, covert access to a high-end wardrobe, and a dream job in a movie studio. The buzz-kill? She’s the daughter of a late, great private eye, and together they solved a few hard-to-crack cases, which makes everyone assume she’s inherited Dad’s sweet sleuthing skills. But has she?

I’m busy working on Corrie’s next adventure. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.