Gambling with Murder

Gambling with Murder by Lida Sideris

Book 5: Southern California Mystery Series

A late-night call is all it takes for rookie lawyer Corrie Locke to kiss her day job at the movie studio goodbye, and do what she does best: flex her sweet P.I. skills and go undercover to find a senior who’s missing from a posh retirement community.

One small stumbling block: skirting past security to gain inside access to the exclusive Villa Sunset. Time to call in the heavy artillery.

Besides former security guard turned legal assistant—now wannabe P.I.—Veera, Corrie relies on a secret weapon: her mother, a surprisingly eager addition to Corrie’s team. Armed with enough pepper spray to take down a band of Navy Seals, Mom impersonates a senior to infiltrate the Villa, Corrie, and Veera in tow. Turns out the job’s not as easy as they’d thought. These seniors have tricks tucked up their sleeves and aren’t afraid of using them.

The action gets dicey when the missing senior case turns into attempted murder by a criminal mind who’s always one step ahead. Corrie’s hot on the trail, but finds more than she bargained for…when her mother becomes a target.

– “I used this book as my escape from all of the crazy going on in the world. The author did a great job of making me fall in love with the characters and the setting of this book right from the start. I enjoyed this book so much.” ~ Partners in Crime Book Tour Review

“…well-written, fast-paced and action-packed tale… The author did a great job in setting this up with a tightly woven mystery, clues left to be discovered and following the trails left to figure out what was going on… moments of humor that had me laughing out loud. This was a very enjoyable read.” ~ Dru’s Book Musings

“A story that plays in many enjoyable ways for the reader. A look at senior life like you may have never seen before. Fun and edgy at times, this is a book that really delivers.” ~ N.N. Light’s Book Heaven