Book Club Questions

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  • What might have happened if Corrie was fired from her day job?
  • How would the flavor of the book changed had the setting been different? Say, a small town?
  • What have you done in the name of love that you otherwise would never have done?
  • Have you regretted any relationships you have ever had, or do you see them all as learning experiences?
  • What would be your weapon of choice if you had to prepare for a meeting with a potential killer? Who would you bring along?
  • Did you guess who the culprit was? What clue gave him/her away?
  • What might have happened if Michael had accompanied Corrie to the “meeting” with Tom John instead of James?
  • How might the romance subplot have progressed if Corrie had gotten together with Michael? With James? With Bryce? With Arthur?
  • Who was your favorite character? Why? Is this someone you’d like to have lunch with? Where would you go?
  • How did Corrie change from the beginning to the end? What kind of changes do you see in her as the book progressed? Do you think she is starting to grow up and become more confident, or is she just being reckless? Why?