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For Murder and Other Unnatural Disasters

When her new job at a movie studio turns deadly, the daughter of a renowned private investigator is her company’s only hope—and the highlight of this debut mystery.

Years ago, Corrie Locke and her father cracked a murder case that could have put an NBA superstar in prison. Now she’s relieved to take on a comparatively tame position as an entertainment lawyer in sunny Newport Beach, California, where she’ll be far away from danger—or so she thinks. When Druby Valdez, the company’s former head of security, is found dead at the bottom of a lake, his co-workers suspect foul play. But Corrie is reluctant to tackle the case on her own. Her “gene for caution is a recessive one, but it’s still there,” and conducting a murder investigation is not an easy thing to do while navigating office politics. Corrie’s misadventures with her co-workers are as fun to read about as her amateur sleuthing. Inside the Complex—“a place filled with intrigue, deception, secrets, and beautiful people”—Corrie has more egos to manage than contracts to write. She deftly turns her business meetings into excuses to dig for clues, risking certain termination (as well as unwanted attention from lecherous executives) if she focuses on the wrong person. Meanwhile, Sideris also reveals, through Corrie’s other cases (a missing cat and a possible alien abduction), how Corrie’s past may have led her to her present. The author paints Corrie’s co-workers as being as devious as cartoon villains, so the list of suspects quickly becomes unwieldy. However, she also adds gentle humor and a touch of romance. Outside of work, for example, Corrie’s childhood friend Michael is sincere when others are superficial. He becomes her likable partner in fighting crime—and possibly more. Another memorable ally is Veera, a security guard and a first-year law student, who comes to work as her assistant, fending off Corrie’s enemies with creative threats like, “I’m going to dislocate all of your limbs. Then I’m gonna pour Kool-Aid all over your sorry ass and plant it in an ant’s nest.”

A smart caper with a heroine to match.~ Kirkus Reviews

“Readers…will…thoroughly enjoy this very fun mystery. Corrie stands as a beacon of rationality and competency, which makes her investigative forays into locating a lucky cat for a basketball star and solving an alien abduction all the more hilarious.” ~ Kings River Life magazine

“Murder and Other Unnatural Disasters is a delightful twisting maze complete with Hollywood film production, murder and mayhem, sexy and quirky characters and a smart lawyer who is trying to make sense of it all.”

– New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kimberley Troutte

“Ms. Sideris hasn’t just written a book, she has written a great book: a page-turning, skillfully-authored mystery that places her in the company of Sue Grafton and Janet Evanovich as a champion of feisty female crime-solvers.” – The Santa Barbara Lawyer magazine, November 2015

“The mystery at the story’s center is both interesting and compelling, but the tone of the novel, the fresh first-person POV, and the specifics of the characters and the events surrounding the solving of said mystery make the novel a roller-coaster ride of hilarity, in a way that’s both reminiscent of, and distinctly different from, Janet Evanovich’s early work.” – Bibliotica

“Corrie doesn’t mind poking fun at herself as she highlights the exploits of the other quirky characters. There’s definitely humor mixed with the mystery which made this novel fun to read.” – Joyfully Retired

“If you’re looking for a light, fun read, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Murder and Other Unnatural Disasters. I was able to tackle it in one sitting, and I look forward to more from Sideris.” – Bibliophilia, Please

“Who doesn’t love alien abductions, missing kitties found, murder masked as suicide and humorous dialog.” – Open Book Society

“This book was a wild ride that fans of series like the Plum novels will definitely enjoy. This is the first book in a new series and it is absolutely fabulous and funny. I can’t wait for the next book!!” – A Chick Who Reads

“If ever there was a fictional character I’d love to hang out with it would be Corrie Locke.” – CNC Book Blog

“If you are a fan of Mystery or a fan of Chick-lit – doesn’t matter, you will love this book! I always say “I’m not a huge fan of Mystery” but this is the kind of mystery I love! It’s funny, quirky, and very fast paced, like lightening speed fast paced…Reading this book was like going on an adventure.” – Wall-to-Wall Books

“Not even a law degree and a new job in the entertainment industry can shield Corrie Locke from her father’s infamous reputation or her own adventures in the private investigation business.” – The Reading Cove