Everyday Writing - Journaling Adventure

I’d heard of other writers keeping journals, but I wasn’t interested. What would a journal do for me? I’ve enough writing to do as it is.

I’m whistling a different tune these days. I didn’t realize what wonderful satisfaction and perspective journaling can provide. It’s a way to keep positive, constructive thoughts and aspirations close.

I’m not a daily journaler (that is a word, right?); I write in my journal a few times a month, but I always start out my writing with a gratitude list. To keep the important things in life next to my heart. I stop-and-go my writing to let the highest of thoughts and aspirations absorb deeply. My gratitude list includes everything from a warm bed at night and running water to the kindly individuals who cross my path. When our kids were younger, we experienced a financial hardship. We rented a small home not knowing how we would pay. But we did, sometimes a little tardy. We happened to have a landlord who was an angel in disguise. He embodied understanding, patience and generosity, which I still hold close to my heart, some twenty plus years later. Our families were also angels who stepped in to help whenever needed, without being asked.

Journaling helps me to remember those and many other kindnesses, so that I can pass them on, whenever possible. And, so I can better appreciate life and the necessity for helping hands. Journaling also helps me to overcome challenges.

Writing about obstacles, unpleasantries and worries helps to diminish them. They never seem quite as bad on paper. For instance, there’s a human thorn in my side who pops up just when I’ve forgotten the last displeasing encounter. To overcome the encounter, I write about it. That helps me to better understand what’s really going on within myself, and the possible reasons for the actions of the thorn. It helps me to remember that I can’t change the thorn’s inner workings, but I can change my own, namely my reaction. I need to be so good that there’s no room to feel anything but good will. Even toward a thorn. Besides, it’s not that hard to pull the thorn out of one’s side, if done quickly. It’ll hurt less, too.

These are just a few of the things journaling can help a writer accomplish, all of which can lead to peace of mind, well being and better writing. Isn’t that what we all want?

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