Higher Qualities of Writing

As I sit at the cusp of a New Year, rather than resolutions, I’d like to list qualities I’ve been honing, to carry over into 2022. Qualities to help writers write and beyond:

1. Courage: When we summon up our inner courage, we’re able to blot out worry, anxiety, nervousness and a general scattering of the mind. Can we write without courage? No. Can we truly live life without courage?


2. Steadfastness: To complete our writings, we must be steadfast, persistent, consistent. This doesn’t mean we can’t take breaks. A hiatus can be wonderful for clearing the mind of clutter, for freeing ideas and for sparking imagination. When my breaks go too long (two weeks or more), I feel a little empty. I miss the opportunity to tune in and shine my creativity, writing-wise.

3. Self-discipline: When we write or undertake anything of importance in life, we need discipline to spend our time wisely and get the task done, and done right. If I don’t brush my hair for a couple of days, I get knots and they’re not pretty. They can also be painful. So I brush daily. Briefly, sometimes. And I’m happily knot-free!

4. Gentleness: I’ve been known to walk, move, and act too quickly. I’m working on slowing down. It promotes calmness, relaxation, clearer thinking. I’m a better writer and a better human when I’m calm and gentle toward myself and others. Plus, gentleness feels kind of marvelous. Taking time to appreciate nature, animals and other humans. You notice more; the senses become acute and when relaxed, solid writing thoughts emerge.

5. Patience: What does patience look like? Patience can be as simple as a sweet smile instead of an unkind word or expression, a fragrant bloom waiting to see if anyone notices its quiet scent, or a long road awaiting a traveler who’s taking the time to appreciate the unfolding scenery.

These are a few of the qualities I’d like to carry in my pockets at all times. I find them reassuring and life enhancing. How about you?

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2 years ago

Hi Lida, you made my day. I always look at your blog, glad to see finally you have a new post. Thank you!!

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