Leaving 2020 on a Positive Note

I’ll take the positive over the negative, any time. How about you?

About a week ago, I learned that Book #3 in my series, MURDER: DOUBLE OR NOTHING, won the 2020 Cozy Mystery Award from N.N. Light’s Book Heaven, which was quite gratifying! It’s a writer’s dream that somebody “gets” their book and that readers find enjoyment in reading it. In this case, Mr. Light reviewed my book and liked it enough to select it a winner. Hooray!

2020 has been an unusual year. My heart goes out to those who’ve lost loved ones. In my own small way, I try to help, but it never seems enough. I remind myself that every day that passes brings us closer to leaving the virus withering away. That is my sincere hope. Meanwhile, I work on focusing on the positives in life. A few personal examples:

– A father I’ve not been close to was moved from one care facility to another closer to my home, after he tested positive for the virus and wasn’t doing well. He’s since recovered, happy and as comfortable as can be. So far, so good.
– We adopted another rescue dog who was left tied to a post with a bag of food open before him for who knows how long. He suffered from obesity and other issues. When I brought him home, I wondered if I’d made a big mistake. He seemed so despondent. Months later, he’s as happy as can be, and slimmed down. It was definitely a right choice.

– I met and virtually toured the country with a trio of lovely mystery authors that I would not have gotten to know otherwise. I’m so grateful for that opportunity!
– My perspective has shifted by a series of small circumstances. Here’s a tiny example:
I walked around my yard, staring at autumn leaves carpeting the ground when I was knocked in the head by a tree branch. When I whipped around to face the naughty branch, I burst out laughing at the stiff culprit. How simple life would be if we were able to laugh away all irritations rather than feeling irked. Laughter feels splendid! Smiling feels pretty good, too.

I’m not writing down resolutions for the New Year, but I am writing a list of all that I am grateful for. That will help start the New Year on the right note, don’t you think?

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