Life Skills - In & Out of the Writing Life

Back in the day (pre-electricity, automobiles and supermarkets), people needed life skills to survive. Today, we’re fortunate not to need as many such skills. But I’m always astonished at skills people have honed not out of necessity, but just because. My friends and family can do everything from change their own engine oil to sew lovely quilts. 

I took a few minutes to interview someone I know (me) to find out what skills she has, and doesn’t have:

1. Write – yes, I can! It may not always be worth publishing, but I can write and enjoy it, too.

2. Milk a goat – thanks to the summer my kids raised 4-H dairy goats. It was maaaarvalous, but not something I care to repeat any time soon.

3. Blow up a balloon using the 2 Ls: Lips and lungs. I may pass out afterward, but I can do it! Next time you throw a party, you know who to call. Just have smelling salts nearby.

4. Sew on a button: piece of cake, as long as you don’t examine the handiwork too closely.

5. Make small talk: I’ve accumulated enough trivia to discuss nearly any subject from the Bhagavad Gita to zoologist Jane Goodall. If you want to talk old Hollywood with me, bring a sleeping bag and jammies. I could talk for days.

Life Skills I Lack – Confession Time: 

1. If you expect some fancy playing card shuffling, better not invite me to your next poker game; that’s all I’m saying.

2. If the only spot left to park requires parallel parking, you’ll find me and my vehicle blocks away where parallel parking isn’t an option.

3. Folding sheets? Who’re you gonna call? Not me, unless you are thrilled by odd shapes and funny angles.

4. Do you need a dress shirt ironed? Run like the wind if you see me coming, iron in hand.

5. It’s the holiday season and there are gifts to be wrapped. See number three above regarding odd shapes. And yes, run like the wind, too, if I’m carrying scissors, tape and wrapping paper.

Now you know!

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1 year ago

Hi Lida, Thank you!! for making me laugh. I can do all the things you have problem with doing, not perfectly, but, manageable. I wish I had your talent of writing.

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