Me and My Heroine

My heroine, Corrie Locke, is a newly minted lawyer who works in a movie studio. That was me, once. What else do we have in common?

– We’re both Southern California natives and Angelenos;
– We can’t resist a tasty dessert. Every one of my teeth is a sweet tooth;
– Both attended UCLA;

– Corrie works at a movie studio that happens to be in the same spot as the studio where I once worked;
– I lived in Hermosa Beach on the same street Corrie lives;
– We had interesting bosses at the studio;
– We’ve driven BMW relics;
– Our mothers are dope in the kitchen;
– I do have a few sleuthing skills up my sleeves (minor compared to my heroine, but she has an advantage, thanks to her dad);
– We have both investigated petnappings;
– We both may or may not have been involved in an impromptu low speed car chase. That’s all I’m saying.

Unlike Corrie:

– I’m not the daughter of a late great PI;
– I have no illegal weaponry, but I have one of the top five stun guns on the market. That must count for something;
– I was happily married during my entertainment attorney days;
– My legal assistant did not harbor a not so secret ambition to open a PI agency;
– No investigations of alien encounters or homicides for me, thank you very much;
– No dartboard in my living room;

As the series progresses, so do Corrie’s crime-cracking skills.

The action and situations Corrie experiences don’t even come close to my more humdrum encounters. There was a Hollywood movie legend that my studio division handled, but she wasn’t nearly as colorful as movie legend, Lacy Halloway, who appears in MURDER: DOUBLE OR NOTHING. But that’s where the idea came from.

Like Corrie, I watched a movie or two being filmed on the lot, but none where the fictional action scene turned real, thankfully, or I would’ve been scarred for life!

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