Why Blog?

Long time no see.

I think about writing a blog post, but when it comes right down to doing it, I’m either at the day job, working on my next book, promoting my latest book or eating and sleeping. But today, I realized just how much my blog posts have enhanced my writing life, and maybe even helped one or two of my dear readers. Here’s what I mean:

Beginning in April, with the release of MURDER GONE MISSING, I started my book tour, which meant I had the pleasure of giving a few talks. But what to talk about? That’s where my blog posts came in handy.

For my first stop, I appeared at an authors’ luncheon where I had to speak for two minutes or less about me and my books. I browsed through my blog posts and came up with my speech. I used the same speech (with a little bit of alteration) at the Malice Domestic Conference’s author speed dating where I visited twenty tables of ten listeners to talk about my books.

Fast forward a month or so, and my talks expanded. Which meant my blog posts were even more handy. After all, my whole writing journey appears in various forms in posts.

And where do you think I go when I need writing motivation? That’s right – first, I read quotes from BIG time authors, but eventually, I make my way to my blog posts and remember how wonderful I felt when writing my first book, and how I managed to get it done in the past. Which reminds me that I can do it again.

When the day arrived where I co-led a workshop at a writers’ conference, I knew where to go for material. I needed to do quite a bit of talking; two and one-half hours’ worth. It was during my preparation for that workshop that I felt most grateful for all the time I spent writing my blog posts. At my workshop session, I harbored the hope that what I had to share would entertain, educate and inspire other writers.
They looked happy to me. What do you think?

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5 years ago

Great post!

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