Writing on the Collaboration Train

Does anyone get my title? Or is it just me trying my darnedest to be clever? Right, it’s me. “Writing” instead of riding because as a writer, we often need to collaborate to get anywhere.

Truth is, we mostly write on a deserted island* where we’re trying to pull together thoughts, story-lines, twisty plots, and characters out of our minds and onto the page.

But even the biggest loners need to jump out of their skin and collaborate once in a while to get the job done. Namely, we need help to be published and call some attention to our books. Coming right up: a list of awesome collaborators:

1. Beta Readers: Those necessary readers to whom we hand off our manuscript and ask for feedback. These generous book lovers are non-professionals who just want to help you stay on the right track. They’ve earned my deepest gratitude.

2. Editors: Unless you’ve got stellar, proven editor skills yourself, an editor is invaluable for pointing out:
– holes (so you don’t trip and fall over your plot)
– character flaws or traits that don’t work (to really help breathe life into your fictional world)
– excess (do you really need that police sergeant or that scene
where the dog chases the bicycle?)

3. Other authors: Personally, I enjoy partnering up in book events
with other authors, mostly, in my own genre. A pairing with the
right author(s) gives each panelist a chance to breathe,
think and stay on track. Who doesn’t love breathing, thinking
and staying on track?

4. Publishers: I’ve had two and both have been marvelous. They know
what to do to get the job done, leaving me to do what I need to
do: write and work my day job.

5. Book stores, librarians, conference organizers and any other
book angels out there who can help you market & promote your
book baby.

I owe my deepest thanks to all of the above who’ve helped me progress on my writing journey.

*unless you write with a partner, in which case you’re not so isolated.

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