Writing Rituals: Sticktoitiveness

Here I am to report back on how my writing rituals are working (or not working) for me. First off, my writing has been spottier than usual. But I have a good reason: I’m in promo mode. My new book (#2 in the Corrie Locke series) will be released next month, so a good amount of time is spent on marketing. But I’ve been forcing myself to sit and write. Have I tried using any type of ritual to get in the writer’s frame of mind? Sort of. After working all week at my day job, I encounter a certain stubbornness that keeps me from sitting down and working again…even it if it involves working on something I absolutely enjoy. So how to get into writing mode?

1. Do something mindless: For me, this equates to thumbing through a fashion magazine or a shopping site, petting my dogs, baking cookies, or cleaning (this last item really works for me, especially if the task involves organizing. Organizing a closet or a drawer readies my mind to organize a story. I can hardly believe it, but it’s true. For me anyway.);

2. Get a move on: I’m not a fan of sitting for too long. I get up frequently and while I’m up, I think about what I’m writing or what to write. I think this beats staring out into space (which can also be helpful).

But this is a balancing act because if I move for too long, I won’t come back to my writing. So instead of taking a walk outside, I’ll walk in place indoors – about 100 exaggerated steps – before resuming the writing; and

3. Switch creative pursuits: My writing brain needs a break now and then. This is not an excuse; just a change of direction. So I turn to a different creative pursuit like gardening. Music (playing or listening) is a solid change in creativity, as well. And my favorite: Reading something different from what I’m writing. Maybe a poem or a newspaper. This can help promote ideas and clarity, or remind you to change direction in your own writing.

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